We are well known for our French Pâtisserie and pride ourselves in offering something to suit every taste whether it be a classic Tarte aux Citron, a Bavarois aux Trois Chocolats or a delectable white chocolate, raspberry and passion fruit creation. They are perfect to serve at the end of a meal or with a pot of tea in the afternoon to impress your guests.

Our pâtisserie is made by hand on our premises using the finest, fresh ingredients which are mostly imported from France to ensure the highest quality and authenticity. We make our pâtisserie on a daily basis and we always (unless we've sold out!) have a selection in our display cabinet for people to buy and take home or eat in our shop with tea/coffee but if you would like something in particular or a larger size (most pâtisserie is available in a size to serve 8) then please call us to order.

All our cakes are prepared using fresh free range eggs from happy hens and in premises where nuts are used. We do our very best to accommodate special requests or dietary requirements; a large number of our pâtisserie are naturally gluten - free.

Tarte aux Fraises

A delicate shortbread pastry filled with a light vanilla pod cream and decorated with juicy strawberries and pistachio halves.

Bavarois aux Trois Chocolats

The perfect chocolate trio with equal layers of dark, milk and white chocolate Bavarian cream crowned with a cocoa glaze and gold.

Tarte au Chocolat Blanc et aux Framboises

A fine all butter shortbread pastry lined with a fresh raspberry compote, filled with a white chocolate mousse and decorated with fresh raspberries.


A real taste of the Caribbean...

Pineapple poached in a rum syrup in between layers of coconut and mango/passion fruit mousse encased in a chocolate joconde decorated with pistachio, sliced almonds and grated coconut.

Tarte Passion Framboise

When passion fruit and raspberry meet and fall in love...

A superb blend of passion fruit cream and jellied raspberry coulis in a melt in the mouth all butter sweet short pastry case.


A chocolate and raspberry match made in heaven. Hidden layers of chocolate génoise and a jellied raspberry coulis encased in a sumptuous dark chocolate mousse. Ooh la la....

Tarte au Citron

A classic french lemon tart made with fresh lemon juice and zest, eggs and butter and decorated with confit lemon slices.


Why not embrace the summer season with a fabulous Fraisier...

Juicy strawberries and vanilla pod mousseline cream packed in between layers of génoise and topped with Italian Meringue.

Meringue aux Fruits

A french meringue nest filled with a delectable fresh vanilla pod cream and decorated with seasonal fresh fruits.


Are you passionate about passion fruit and raspberries... If so, you will enjoy one of my personal favourites... Inside a striking pink and yellow border lies a coconut dacquoise and layers of passion fruit and raspberry mousse.


Especially created by a famous Parisian pâtissier for the opening of the Opéra Garnier in Paris. A fabulous fusion of chocolate and coffee - alternating layers of coffee imbibed joconde, chocolate ganache and coffee butter cream finished with chocolate and decorated with gold leaf.

Truffe aux Noix

A delectable caramel creation.

On a bed of walnut dacquoise lies a creamy caramel mousse coated with caramel glaze. The perfect companion to a post dinner espresso.


Charlotte must have been one special lady to have this delicious dessert named after her...

A light and airy lady finger biscuit case filled with seasonal fruit and its mousse.

Millefeuille Framboises

Literally translated as a thousand sheets... flaky puff pastry filled with a light vanilla pod cream and fresh raspberries.


Choux pastry filled with a choice of creams including Vanilla pod and white chocolate, Chocolate, Rose.

Tarte Citron Meringuée

Time stands still for this perfect pairing of tart lemon filling and sweet French meringue. A filling made with fresh lemon juice and zest encased in a melt in the mouth all butter sweet short pastry and crowned with French meringue.


A rose macaron made with ground almonds and filled with a light rose water cream and fresh raspberries.

Passion Chocolat Blanc

A moist white chocolate sponge topped with raspberry compote encased inside sumptuous passion fruit mousse.

Tarte Normande

A short pastry case filled with caramelised apples in cinnamon and baked in a vanilla pod cream. Also available in Pear & Blackcurrant as well as Apricot.

Millefeuille Praliné

Flaky puff pastry filled with a delicious praline pastry cream.

Tarte Passion Meringuée

A sweet shortbread pastry case filled with Passion fruit cream and crowned with piped Italian meringue.

Le Citron Gingembre

A biscuit base topped with a creamy lemon and stem ginger mousse.

Tarte aux Pommes

A timeless example of the art of French pâtisserie... A melt in the mouth all butter sweet short pastry generously filled with apple marmalade and crowned with sliced apples.


Layers of Chocolate sponge imbibed in kirsch liqueur and filled with vanilla pod cream and kirsch cherries. It is decorated with fresh berries and chocolate curls.

White Forest

A white chocolate sponge with passion fruit jam and vanilla pod buttercream and decorated with fresh berries and white chocolate curls.

Tarte Tatin

On a base of puff pastry lies layers of caramelised apples - delicious served warm on a winters evening.

Tarte Frangipane aux Cerises Noires

A shortbread pastry lined with black cherry compote and crowned with baked frangipani.

Champagne Jellies

Sparkling champagne jelly.